"I believe your amazing tomorrow is right inside your head. But you may need help to unlock it. I am certified to use coaching techniques to help you unlock the greatness inside you." - Dr. Ty Belknap

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Does life seem to be bringing you down?
Do you feel like you have lost your purpose?
Can you see a brighter future, but are not sure how to get there?
What would you accomplish if there was nothing to hold you back?

Your Amazing Tomorrow is waiting for you!
It's time to hire a professional, certified life coach.

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Tacoma Business/Executive Coaching

Do you want to expand your reach as an executive? Are you looking for more team building skills? Maybe the people you lead need more motivation. It may be time to hire an executive coach. Business/Executive Coaching is most effective for those who are thinking, "I want to get from here to there, but I am not sure how to do it." Just be sure to hire a certified coach.

About Your Tacoma Life Coach

Dr. Ty Belknap, your professional, certified life coach

  • Doctor of Strategic Leadership in Life Coaching.
  • Holds three Leadership degrees.

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"Ty is great at unlocking ones potential by helping to get at what is blocking you to get to that next level in the area of life you desire growth."

-Deb M.

"I found it helpful and was able to feel like I am going in the right direction."
J. Joneschiet

"Thank you for helping me to identify some of my biggest insecurity points and taught me to get past old difficulties. We set goals and priorities to help myself. You have really helped me look at my life in a more positive light as opposed to a more negative one that I used to rely on."
Jaclyn B.

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